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Excessive moisture in a conventionally vented crawl space is the number one cause associated with a host of serious crawl space concerns. As levels of moisture rise in a structure, the structure becomes more conducive to wood destroying insects, more prone to microbial growth, more susceptible to rot and suffers greatly diminished indoor air quality. The crawl space of your home may be out of sight but the effects of excessive moisture in your crawl space should not be out of mind.

The A&S Moisture Control Solution will protect your home from the bottom up. We provide moisture control by using a high quality, tear resistant vapor liners to cover the ground which is sealed to a high quality, tear resistant vapor liner on the walls. All seams are taped to protect moisture from passing around the liner. If foundation vents are already present, they will be sealed. This system, along with proper drainage and a form of mechanical drying will provide great moisture control protection.

With A&S Moisture Control Care, your home is protected against:

Benefits of a Closed Crawl Space

The improvements result in overall energy savings from reduced annual energy use for heating and cooling your home

This moisture can be caused by the accumulation of condensation, water vapor evaporating from the soil, poor drainage, or some combination of the three. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, excessive moisture is likely the cause.

   Cupping hardwood floors

   “Sweating” duct work

   Musty smells

   Fungus or mold growth

   Hanging or fallen insulation

The A&S Moisture Control Solution for crawl spaces not only keeps your crawl space dry but it also provides significant savings on your heating and cooling bill.  

In addition our moisture control barrier prevents wood decay fungus and improves your indoor air quality. As an added bonus, it reduces the infestation of pest by depriving them of an essential source of nourishment - moisture and water

Excessive moisture in the crawl spaces of homes in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina is a common problem many of our customers encounter.

What is Moisture Control?
Moisture is the Problem - A&S is the Solution
Where Does The Moisture Come From?

Your home acts like a giant chimney in terms of its natural air flow. Air is drawn in through crawlspace vents and other air leaks. Since the warm air will rise, this outside air is then pulled through the living space (along with any moisture, mold spores, and other contaminants) and exhausted out through the attic.

During the summer months, your crawl space will stay naturally cooler than the outdoor temperature which means that when the warm, humid air from outside reaches your cool crawl space, the moisture from the air will condense on framing, insulation, plumbing pipes, and HVAC ductwork.

Since that moisture has no where to go, it accumulates in your crawl space, making it the perfect environment for mold and mildew. In order to make your home a more energy efficient and healthier place to live.

Call A&S the moisture control experts today for a free, no obligation moisture evaluation and estimate.

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